Sodalitium and Vigano (ENG)

After the first attempt (already explained in several previous episodes) to smear Monsignor Viganò and especially all his battles against the “New World Order”, the “Deep State” and the “Deep Church”, by Roberto De Mattei’s “Corrispondenza Romana”, now even the magazine “Sodalitium” – by Father Francesco Ricossa – has re-launched the slander.

I will briefly summarize the story for those who are not familiar with it.

Monsignor Viganò was accused in Corrispondenza Romana (accusation taken from Sodalitium) 1°) of being a puppet in the hands of a certain Pietro Siffi; 2°) he was said to be totally manipulated by Pietro Siffi himself, who then would write his speeches, articles and books delivered and published subsequently by the Archbishop; and 3°) last but not least, Pietro Siffi, is accused by Di Mattei (followed by Don Ricossa) of being a homosexual, – especially by some young people who agree with the accusations of  Di Mattei / Ricossa 1– of also being a writer of “pink / gay novels”, that he is also in touch with the Italian association Arci-gay and that he is even a Satanist.

Di Mattei targeted Monsignor Viganò and – through him – his and our fight against the “New World Order”, the “Great Reset of Davos” and the world vaccination imposed by “Big Pharma” , the Bergoglio’s “Deep Church ”. Now because the things that Monsignor Viganò are  incontrovertible, they have tried to discredite him personally; similarily to the created “Siffi case” (as in 1976 the “Lefebvre case” was created and in 2009 the “Williamson case”).

Here, then, is the maneuver currently underway: Siffi is said to be Viganò’s enigmatic “Ghost writer”. Siffi being a “homosexual”, pornographic writer, as well as a frequenter of the assosciation Arci-gay and even a Satanist; therefore  it is insinutated that Viganò is as well… “Quod erat demostrandum”… thus ensuring the battle of Viganò is discredited and lost.

Indeed, “more mafia”, Monsignor Viganò has been intimated, with an “ontological argument”2, which would turn even Sant’Anselme pale: given that Siffi is really what we have said above, then Monsignor Vigano must do what we think just: to distance himselves from what Siffi says; otherwise, for Monsignor Vigano he is in very serious trouble … The serious problem (before God above all), on the other hand, is that there is no proof to what they say and write; moreover, what has been written is also punishable by law and more than a few charges have already begun.

The devil’s tactic – the Saints say – is to intimidate those who strive to love the truth and follow justice. The tactics of the devil’s deceitful are the same as their “father” (John, VIII, 44); the tactics of those who are persecuted, frightened, slandered must be – therefore – the “counterattack”, that is, as St. Augustine said: “If you become a lion, the devil becomes an ant, but if you become an ant, the devil becomes a lion “….

Instead, St. Ignatius of Loyola teaches: “Our enemy, the devil, behaves like a woman, with weakness and obstinacy. Because as is typical of a woman, if the man shows her his hard face when she quarrels, she loses heart and runs away. On the contrary, if the man begins to flee, losing heart, the anger, revenge and ferocity of the woman increase without measure … “(Spiritual Exercises, n. 325).

Finally, St. Pius X said: “The strength of the Modernists comes not so much from themselves as from the shyness of good Catholics”.  Someone told me that in the eighties there was shameful fraud perpetrated by a notable man against a young man who had trusted him (He also provided me with evidence, which are in the safe keeping of  notary offices3)

The man told me that the deciever is not in prison only because the man who was decieved by him in 2005 did not want to report him. However  the evidence still remains with me.

Don’t worry, I do not wish to send anyone to jail, however if they wish to press charges against me I will be happy to provide evidence; indeed, if they will continue to slander Monsignor Viganò and his Crusade against the “New World Order” then, I will be the first to denounce whoever is responsible.

I was personally slandered by Di Mattei a few years ago, I filed a complaint with the Police, only out of duty, without involving a lawyer. I being a priest and therefore a public person who must defend himself. But I did not want to be pitiless, citing evidence against him and any accusations that I had.

However, now it is no longer a question of a personal accusation against me or a Bishop, but it is a doctrinal battle that has become “apocalyptic” in the strict and theological sense of the term.

Now, it must be fought with “tooth and nail”, not for ourselves, but for the fate of humanity itself, which otherwise would be left at the mercy of 1°) the “New World Order”, 2°) of the “Gender-Agenda”, imposed on three-year-olds that have no choice in the matter; and 3°) of the “Pharmaceutical Industry”.

Or, for a quiet life, we want to let “the Masters of this world”, the “Noble elites (right side4) or technocratic (left side)”  massacre all these defenseless beings, without anyone being able to open their mouth, after allowing Monsignor Viganò to be silenced too?

In conclusion, with regard to Sodalitium, I would like to point out peacefully5 that, if three people get together and form a company, their shares are paid 98% to one, 1% to another and 1% at the third; so that 98% of the offers received by the Company of the three go to only one, while to the other shareholders only 1%; without the knowledge of donors and minority shareholders (1%); then, things are not morally, legally and financially correct.

Now, “mercy to every sin”6 ; I don’t want to ruin anyone and I put a stone on it; but, if these “ait latro ad latronem” dare to tarnish Monsignor Viganò and the fight against the “New World Order”, then (“do not tease the sleeping dog”) the Finance Police will be duly informed and will receive all the evidence of the financial crimes committed, which – in today’s hyper-liberal world, so dear to the Mont Pélerin Society – are the ones that are punished more severely than all the others … “a few words to the wise”.

Therefore, before slandering Monsignor Viganò, think about correcting your mistakes, as I repeat “to every sin mercy”: “errare humanum est, perseverare diabolicum”.

Finally, it seems obvious to me to object to the “Accuser of mankind” (Apoc., XII, 10): Pietro Siffi designed, elaborated and offered the red leather / Moroccan shoes to Benedict XVI; then is pope Ratzinger also a degenerate? A satanist? A frequenter of the Arci-gay? A pornographic novelist? Manipulated by  Siffi?

It is said that Pietro Siffi would have been expelled from two Traditional Seminaries  because he was notoriously effeminate; but, then the seminary (traditional, ça va sans dire) that knowingly accepted him, a well-known homosexual,  were also manipulated by him? Therefore, these two Seminaries are also accomplises with homosexuality and “homosexualism”, perhaps even more so than Monsignor Viganò? In fact, having a website installed by a technician who is homosexual would be less serious than welcoming him to the seminary (especially of the Tradition, Famille et Proprieté), which – in fact – would be equivalent to putting a wolf in a sheepfold.Finally, Jesus Christ lived side by side with Judas for three long years, after having chosen him and called him in person; then was Jesus also a “judas / proditor” (Mt., XXVI, 25), a “thief” (John, XII, 6), a “devil” (John, VI, 72)?

Regarding the recent accusations, according to which Monsignor Viganò is not the author of his speeches, well, it is as old as the devil. Indeed in the distant 1907 the Modernists, said that the “good Pius X”, a “good country priest” who surprisingly became Pope, was not the author of the Encyclical Pascendi, but was only the signatory of it, since he was not “Flour of his own sack”: he was too much of a “simpleton” to write such a perfect work.

Dear readers, also today we find ourselves in a situation similar to that which arose immediately after the defeat of the battle of Caporetto (for the betrayal of the general Badoglio); at that time (24 October / 12 November 1917) two alternatives remained: either to accept the defeat supinely, or to react with all one’s might until breaking through on the bank of the Piave river (24 October / 4 November 1918):

Then we had the strength to say: “All Heroes! Either the Piave or all deaths! ”. And so it was that “the Piave murmured: the foreigner does not pass!”.

And today? We are faced with the difficult answer. The best defense is offense!

“The strength of the Modernists comes not so much from themselves as from the timidity of good Catholics” (St. Pius X).





1Some people, (whose name for now I do not want to mention and who I hope never to have to do so, unless I was forced to do so by their obstinacy, one day, in court in front of a judge) have sent me emails and text messages (which I keep , with the names and surnames of those who released them) with these accusations. Mind you – without any proof, even accompanied with very unedifying photos of homosexual sites, in which Siffi would participate in. (In moral theology it is taught that those who commit gravely immoral actions serious sins, are surpassed only by the “voyeurs” who are more seriously guilty). However, they write it without proving it.                                                                                                                                               In addition, it shows the cover of a book that is said to be pro / homosexualist (I didn’t  read it) that of course, would have been written, under a pseudonym. This is said to have been written by Siffi, but it is not proven. Finally; the most serious accusation, which is not a certainty but only a probability: Siffi is or would be (but what difference does it make …) a Satanist …. Aristotle and St. Thomas teach: “Quod gratis affirmatur, gratis negatur”. Therefore, such accusations can be discarded without even having to be refuted; nevertheless, I keep them but only in view of a possible judicial and criminal case, to which I do not want to arrive to. This cause, however, must be undertaken if the slanders against Monsignor Viganò (which is the true purpose of denigrations towards Siffi) will not cease.2The “ontological argument” is the one that claims to pass (unduly) from the purely logical idea of ​​being to the ontologically real existence of an entity.

3When I cross the street, I look left and right. Furthermore, I do not lean out of the stairwell, so if something unpleasant happens to me, the documents in question will be handed over by notaries to the police and the judiciary.

4See Plinio Correa de Oliveira, .Nobiltà ed élites tradizionali analoghe, Milano, Marzorati, 1993. 5At least for now, it’s up to them.6Including trips to Swiss banks to export liras in exchange for Swiss francs


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